At Monsoon Carbon, we believe that economic development does not have to come at the expense of the environment. If we are careful and we are smart, we can have both economic development as well as a clean, green, healthy environment. Indeed, ensuring that our activities are sustainable, is of paramount importance for our increasingly crowded Earth. Beyond the moral imperatives, Monsoon strongly believes in the business case for sustainability as a driver for overall improvement in business performance.

Monsoon also believes in the power of the private sector to be a force for good and to achieve real change. We are encouraged to see that private sector companies are taking more responsibility for the broader impacts and externalities of their activities. The decisions made by the managers of companies are the front-line of our drive towards sustainability, including our fight against climate change. Monsoon believes that companies understand the urgency and importance of sustainability and that, generally, they want to do the right thing for their stakeholders, and the environment. Increasingly, this extends beyond just ‘doing less harm’.

Monsoon is a boutique sustainability consultancy founded in 2011 in Singapore. We provide a range of sustainability consulting services as well as specific services related to International Renewable Energy Certificates.